Wholesale e-commerce platform

Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler or B2B shop looking to sell your products online to dealers or resellers? OrderCentral provides you with a user-friendly and advanced wholesale e-commerce platform.

Expand your market with a wholesale e-commerce platform

Have you scoured the internet and discovered various wholesale platforms, only to find them overly complicated and/or not suited for your needs? Well, you have found what you are looking for. OrderCentral provides a user-friendly and state-of-the-art wholesale e-commerce platform for manufacturers, wholesalers or B2B shop owners looking to sell their products online to dealers or resellers. When it comes to functionality and ease of use, other wholesale e-commerce platforms simply cannot compare. With OrderCentral, setting up an online shop is easy, no matter if your company is operating on a small or large scale.


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The convenience offered by our wholesale e-commerce platform

Private environment

Present your wholesale assortment in a private online environment. This enables you to keep control over the selection of resellers. You can also work with gross pricing and minimum purchase volumes.

Filters and search options

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B2B wholesale platform

Wholesale e-commerce is a model where products are discounted and sold in bulk to other businesses, instead of being offered individually to consumers. Wholesale e-commerce is a commonly used strategy by wholesalers and B2B webshops. By providing products via other webshops or dealer companies, you are able to reach new target groups more quickly and increase your turnover in an efficient manner. OrderCentral enables you to effortlessly reach retailers both nationally and internationally, all under one B2B wholesale platform.

It’s a brave new digital world

In this day and age, businesses are no longer bound by physical location, so a solid web presence is of the utmost importance. Customers from around the globe need to be reached from a plethora of various channels and devices. It's imperative that your marketing, sales, fulfillment and service are organized in a scalable manner. OrderCentral provides you with one central platform for cross border e-commerce and international customer relationship management (CRM), through virtually any channel. Easily manage and launch new country-specific webshops and online portals. By storing all your customer data in OrderCentral, you'll be able to quickly and personally respond to the needs of your customers, dealers and partners, wherever they may be located. You will be able to manage everything; from webshops and customer portals to your social media accounts and emails/chats. This is to ensure that you always have a 360-degree customer view!

Getting started with wholesale e-commerce right away

As the online competition keeps moving forward, OrderCentral has been set up in such a way that you can quickly start with B2B commerce built on Salesforce. With a wide range of templates and standard workflows, implementing your e-commerce environment will take relatively little time and effort. Furthermore, our implementation partners will be more than happy to assist you in the process. They will also gladly help you optimize your internal processes, or with linking OrderCentral to your existing systems. Together, we'll support you in serving B2B customers online in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Wholesale order platform

In a business-to-consumer relationship, the customer places an order, and the order is then processed and prepared for delivery. This is also relevant to B2B commerce, specifically when your client provides their customers with dropshipping. One of the biggest advantages of OrderCentral webshops versus conventional webshops, is the ease of organizing dropshipping. Whether your business clientele are ordering in bulk or single units in a B2B2C landscape, there is a larger amount of merchandise entering and leaving your warehouses. This requires an efficient means of monitoring your inventory. Software like Excel can help keep track of this data, but still require manual work, resulting in processes that are time consuming and prone to human error. One mistake in logging inventory data can cause a domino effect of losses. With OrderCentral, you will be able to automate order and inventory management to improve your workflow, allowing you to spend valuable time on running your business with peace of mind.

We make running a business easy

If time is of the essence, and you are looking to start implementing your wholesale e-commerce strategy as soon as possible, then you've found the right partner: OrderCentral. Our wholesale e-commerce software contains a large number of templates for B2B wholesale platforms. Pick a template, integrate your corporate identity and you're ready to start selling! Your wholesale e-commerce platform will be displayed perfectly on all devices. In addition, your online catalog will load quickly and your customers will be assured of a seamless checkout process and B2B or B2B2C experience. This way, with OrderCentral, you will be able to offer your wholesale suppliers the best wholesale order platform possible, that you can easily manage on the back end.